Women’s Oxford Shoes – 15 Tips on How to Wear Them

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Romeo & Juliet promoting Women's Oxford ShoesIs your love for that oversized cardigan making Romeo & Juliet’s love look like child’s play? Do you want to take the boyfriend look to the next level? Then add a few pairs of women’s oxford shoes to your closet! Your legs will thank you… especially your ankles and knees. Oxford shoes used to be predominately male in times long past, but let’s face it… throughout history, women’s comfort was never a priority. Consider corsets, bustles, and sanitary belts! And don’t you dare try to tell me that high heels are comfortable. Don’t be saddened, tortured high-heel walkers just looking for a place to sit down and take those heels off. You can find some really comfy and stylish women’s oxford shoes to get a sexy look, and  they are so much healthier than high-heels! Please read the previous article… (you can still wear them on weekends!)

Women! Oxford Shoes Are the Way to Go!

You just can’t beat classic design that elicits contemporary edge! Although they appear a bit old-school for some, women’s oxford shoes remain a superb option in the eyes of any romantic and classy trend fashionista. They act as ‘the bridge’ that infuses that your style with catchy vintage and versatile sophistication. These ‘keep-your-feet-on-the-ground’ shoes give off a pretty vibe; and if you have been struggling with figuring out what to wear with yours, below are 15 amazing style tips on how to wear oxford shoes.

15 Tips on How to Wear Your Oxford Shoes

  1. Do you have some fur layering? Oxford shoes provide a great look with nice fur layering. Think about that.
  2. Denim shorts work for fall simply by wearing them over elegant tights. Then add your oxford shoes, round off with a scarf and don a hat. What do you have? A great look!
  3. You can make an oversized sweater and tight leggings a bit less ‘bummy’?!? just by adding some nice oxford shoes.
  4. Who says you can’t wear your flowered sundress in the fall? Just include tights, get a warm sweater, and with your oxford shoes, the spirit of the fall will wrap its arms around you.
  5. Are you looking for a relaxed vibe? Then hit the street wearing oxford shoes beneath your boyfriend jeans; and if you want the entire outfit to look more dressed-up, add a blazer.
  6. Never forget that oxford shoes provide an excellent match with colored tights, especially when used with the preppy, Blair Waldorf vibe outfit.womens oxford shoes 
  7. Unsure of what to wear with your colored jeans? Grab yourself some women’s oxford shoes, they’re a comfortable and excellent choice for colored jeans.
  8. Thigh-high socks and oxford shoes are a match made in heaven. They make a skirt and cardigan work perfectly for cooler weather.
  9. Pair your long sweater, corduroy slacks and layered shirt with oxford shoes.
  10. You just may have found the perfect outfit for the fall—a striped shirt, a cardigan, jeans, and of course, your Oxford shoes. Sometimes, this simple look is the most appealing look!
  11. When the weather is getting cooler, use thick knit socks with your oxford shoes over tights and there it is.
  12. For warmer weather, wear them with a rain crop top and a skater skirt. You will turn heads if your confidence is sure.
  13. With rolled-up jeans and a plaid shirt hanging unbuttoned, the oxford shoes will complete an eye-popping look.
  14. A great look for a lady is a casual yet elegant simple denim outfit showcasing knee-high socks and oxford shoes.
  15. If you want to add a little height, then believe this: a heeled oxford shoe is exclusively adorable. Nothing else on heels comes close.

Final Thought

So which of these styles is your favorite? Do you have another way to wear your oxford shoes? Any tips for readers? Kindly let us know in the comment section. Take a look around the site and know that any shoe you click on, will likely take you to more options and colors!

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