High Heels Pain?

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High Heels High Risk? You May Be Surprised!

high-heels high risk for health

Have you ever heard the expression, fashion is pain? High heels come to mind right?  Why do so many women not give a second thought about stepping into mile-high high heels day after day? Is it truly harmful? If you truly LOVE wearing heels, you’ll want to read further.

According to Dr. Natalie Azar, a newswoman with NBC, high heels are one of the most common causes of foot pain among women.

High heels force your ankles forward, causing                                                                                               a reaction the same as standing on your tip toes.                                                                                      This can cause a number of health problems                                                                                        including: restricting blood circulation in your                                                                                          lower legs, spider veins, shortening of the                                                                                                    calf muscles, stiffening of your Achilles tendon                                                                                             and pain and muscle spasms.

womens oxford shoes

High Heels – Not Only Bad  for Feet

Wearing high heels not only causes foot and leg pain, but the pain can also travel to other parts of your body. Because you force your backs and knees into an unnatural position, there can be negative physical effects. You have to balance, and “Come on!” How many times has your foot bent sideways because of your unsure footing? Rocks, curbs, cracks and our own inattentiveness can cause us to stumble, putting undue pressure on our back muscles.

high-heels high risk for healthWhat about knees? According to a study conducted at Stanford University, wearing high-heels 3 1/2 inches or higher puts so much stress on knees, that the risk for osteoarthritis is greatly increased. Osteoarthritis affects approximately 27 million Americans.

Experiencing any of the above? Visit a doctor soon because they could get worse. There are ways to reduce your risk. Common sense would tell you that reducing the number of days you wear high heels, wearing shorter heels, or walking through the day in a great pair of Women’s Oxford Shoes would go a long way towards healing.

6 Replies to “High Heels Pain?”

  1. This is a great article and oh, so true! As a professional, I wore heals every day and it took years before I began to wear sneakers to and from my office where I parked my car. Now, years later I have osteoarthritis in my knees and plantar fasciitis in both feet.
    I hope your blog will make women realize the damage they are doing to their feet by wearing heals every day.
    While it’s true that our legs look prettier in them and they ARE a beautiful fashion statement, is there an alternative? Do you have any suggestions to make them more comfortable to wear?

    1. I really don’t have any tips to make them more comfortable to wear, because the issue is the position they put your feet in. Wear them less often and go to my other site womensoxfordshoes.com to buy some shoes that keep your feet on the ground 🙂 

  2. oh gosh, preach it!

    I still can’t understand how some women can live in their heels and look like it doesn’t hurt them at all. I’m one that only brings out my heels for special occasions.

    Because I believe fashion doesn’t have to hurt you. You can find plenty of practical shoes that look super stylish too!

  3. I suggested my cousin not to wear high heels, she refused to listen to me. I am really glad that I came across your article. Now, I can tell her that wearing heels can have a bad effect to her health it can cause problems like restricting blood circulation in legs, spider veins, shortening of the calf muscles, stiffening of Achilles tendon, pain and muscle spasms.
    Thanks for sharing this helpful article.

    1. Your welcome! It’s kind of funny (not) that when we put on a pair of high heels, we usually end up complaining about how they are killing our feet and can’t wait to get out of them; and yet we don’t stop to realize that wearing them a lot can cause so many more problems. Thanks for sharing with your cousin and others Bini!

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