Women’s Oxford Shoes – 15 Tips on How to Wear Them

Romeo & Juliet promoting Women's Oxford ShoesIs your love for that oversized cardigan making Romeo & Juliet’s love look like child’s play? Do you want to take the boyfriend look to the next level? Then add a few pairs of women’s oxford shoes to your closet! Your legs will thank you… especially your ankles and knees. Oxford shoes used to be predominately male in times long past, but let’s face it… throughout history, women’s comfort was never a priority. Consider corsets, bustles, and sanitary belts! And don’t you dare try to tell me that high heels are comfortable. Don’t be saddened, tortured high-heel walkers just looking for a place to sit down and take those heels off. You can find some really comfy and stylish women’s oxford shoes to get a sexy look, and  they are so much healthier than high-heels! Please read the previous article… (you can still wear them on weekends!) Continue reading “Women’s Oxford Shoes – 15 Tips on How to Wear Them”

High Heels Pain?

High Heels High Risk? You May Be Surprised!

high-heels high risk for health

Have you ever heard the expression, fashion is pain? High heels come to mind right?  Why do so many women not give a second thought about stepping into mile-high high heels day after day? Is it truly harmful? If you truly LOVE wearing heels, you’ll want to read further.

According to Dr. Natalie Azar, a newswoman with NBC, high heels are one of the most common causes of foot pain among women. Continue reading “High Heels Pain?”