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I’m a 64 year old woman who likes to keep her feet on the ground! WOMEN’S OXFORD SHOES is a place where you can come to find… can you guess? Women’s Oxford Shoes!

I devoted a page to the Clarks Collection, Chiko Collection and also a page for oxford shoes that have WIDE WIDTHS. I did this for my sister, but I know many women need a wide width shoe and they’re not always easy to find. I searched through Amazon and found shoes that offered wide widths.

Anyway, I hope the site is a blessing to you and you find shopping here a good experience. I mentioned on the front page that each purchase would bring more smiles into the world, and that is because 10% of my 4% commission from Amazon, and 10% of my commission from Chico will go to Operation Smile. I have supported them for over a decade now, and have a heart to see all who desire the operation to be able to have it. Here’s a post I made in 2012 on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/robin.hudson.758/posts/341745405858438

Blessings, Robin